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Enrollment Procedures

A conference between TAP Contact, parent, and pregnant/parenting student must be held for student to enroll in the TAP program.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Explain TAP services to parent and student.
  2. Discuss how TAP services are implemented at the school.
  3. Exceptional Student Education students are required to have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) review upon enrollment in TAP (FR V 6A-6.05292 1.d).


  1. Complete the Parental Decision Letter Regarding Placement on school’s letterhead (FR 6A-6.05292 1.d).


  • For pregnant students obtain medical documentation to confirm pregnancy.
  • For parenting students obtain birth certificate to confirm he/she is the child’s parent.
  • If the student is eighteen and lives on his/her own, he or she must sign him/herself into the program.
  • If TAP services are declined note “not to have my child participate in the program” on the form and have the parent sign it. Place form in student’s cumulative record.
  1. Complete the Dropout Prevention Eligibility for Placement in a Teenage Parent Program
  1. Complete the TAP Student Documentation of Services
  • Note the Ancillary Services (childcare, transportation, social services referrals, and health service referrals) provided for particular student.
  • Add any other services the student may be receiving (special education, honors program, credit recovery etc.)
  • Include dates of any meetings or counseling sessions with the student.
  • Update progress each grading period.
  • Review and sign the TAP Student Rights and Responsibilities and link to pdf attached

4. Complete The Student Rights and Responsibilities Form with Student and parent/guardian

SUBMIT Documents to School Operations, Teenage Parent program office via fax (305) 626-3867 or email or


5. Complete TAP Educational Plan for all students who are expecting  as well as for any TAP student with excused extended absences for parenting needs. This may include illness of child or special needs of child.

Ancillary Services:

  1. Schedule TAP student into the appropriate Parenting Skills Training (FS 1003.54 3.b)
  • All TAP students are required to participate in some parenting skills training per Florida State Statue.
  • Parenting Skills may be offered through an elective course available at the school, virtual school or adult education program.
  • Parenting Skills may also be delivered through alternative sources (individual or group counseling by TAP Contact or approved community agency provider) if course is not available for student. (Contact TAP Social Worker for assistance)
  • TAP students may participate in multiple parenting skills training to build their parental abilities.
  1. Determine if childcare services are desired. If childcare services are not desired at this time proceed to Records Section (FS 1003.54 3.c)

a. TAP Contact provides TAP Student with the following:

b. TAP Contact completes TAP Child Care Enrollment Form, Section A (quadruplicate form that must be obtained from TAP office)

c. TAP Contact verifies child care enrollment documents from student:

  • Student’s school identification card or a state issued identification
  • Child’s birth certificate or a notarized affidavit of age (valid for no more than 30 days old)
  • 2 Originals of the child’s Florida Certification of Immunization (HRS 680): one for the child care center, one for MDCPS
  • 2 Originals of the child’s School Health Entry Form (DH 3040) one for the child care center, one for MDCPS (page 1 completed by the TAP Student and page 2 by the pediatrician).

d. TAP Contact verifies child care center selection from student (advise students to ensure selected child care has space available for the child’s age group, is in route to school if M-DCPS transportation is requested and meets child’s developmental needs)

e. School Registrar completes TAP Child Care Enrollment Form, Section B and enrolls TAP Student’s child in MDCPS, DISIS as a student.

  • copies of all the documents including the partially completed TAP application.
  • Creates a TAP record for the TAP Student’s child that includes each of the required forms along with one original health examination form (DH 3040) and one original immunization form (HRS 680) and places it in the TAP Student’s cumulative file. Documents may be randomly audited by DOE, State representatives.

NOTE: The TAP Student’s child may not be registered in child care without first becoming an active MDCPS student.

f. TAP Student takes copies of all TAP enrollment documents along with the second set of the original health examination form (DH 3040) and the immunization form (HRS 680) to the appropriate center to complete child care Enrollment process.

g. TAP Student provides TAP Contact and School Registrar with a copy of the completed TAP Child Care Enrollment Form.

3. Transportation, TAP students and their children is offered to those who attend their home school and utilize child care services. Door to door transportation is provided from home to the child care center and to the school in the mornings and from school to the child care and back home in the afternoons. Transportation may be available for special programs as deemed appropriate by school district guidelines. Contact school’s transportation designee for more information for specific programs.

a. Complete a TAP Student Transportation Request Form and fax it to the appropriate centralized routing center

b. Secure a M-DCPS car seat from the TAP Office to ensure child’s safety while on a school bus. Children will not be transported on the M-DCPS buses unless they are in M-DCPS car seat. Contact District TAP Office to obtain a car seat at (305) 626-3866.

c. Typically there is a two week waiting period for transportation services. Student should make alternative transportation accommodations until they are assigned a M-DCPS bus.


1. Create a TAP student folder for each TAP student to include:

  • Parent Decision Letter
  • Medical document confirming pregnancy or Birth certificate confirming parenting
  • Student Eligibility Forms: one for the TAP Student and the other for his/her child
  • Child Care Enrollment Documents (if applicable)
  • TAP Student Documentation Log (updated each grading period)
  • Copy of Transportation Request (if applicable).
  • TAP Student Rights and Responsibilities

2. Dates

  • Parental Decision Letter should be dated prior to any service delivery
  • Child Care Enrollment Documents should be dated prior to use of child care services

3. Secure all documents in a locked cabinet

4. Turn in documents at the end of each school year to school Registrar or Administrator/designee

Below are links to the useful TAP documents:

*Note: Teenage Parent Program Form for child care Enrollment is a quadruplicate that must be obtained from the TAP office (305) 626-3866