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Welcome to TAP!

The Teenage Parent (TAP) program is a comprehensive dropout prevention program designed to provide educational and ancillary support services to pregnant and parenting students enrolled in any Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). Services are in place at all M-DCPS schools including specialized educational centers, outreach locations, and several charter schools. The program offers a specialized curriculum, referrals to health care providers and social services agencies, child care during school hours, and transportation. TAP is a voluntary program, governed by Florida Statutes and is available to all teenage parents who desire to work toward a high school diploma.

Director’s Message:

I’d like to thank you for visiting the Teenage Parent Program (TAP) website. I encourage you to become our partner as we move along this journey to make sure that every pregnant or parenting teen in Miami-Dade County has the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma. Join us in helping young mothers as well as young fathers achieve high school completion. TAP offers participants  valuable entitlements those much needed services that can make it possible for many to remain in school, such as free childcare, transportation, educational accommodations, parenting education and many other services. It is with the help of the family, the community, stakeholders and the M-DCPS Teenage Parent Program that many of these young women and men are able to reach their goal.

TAP has been a well-kept secret for many years, therefore we encourage you to explore our website, learn about our program and to be our eyes and ears out there in the community. Any teenager that is in a M-DCPS school is eligible for our program. They can also be in a Charter or Magnet school. We encourage you to inform them about TAP.  Refer them to us so they can receive the supports offered by the program.

Again, I’d like to thank you for coming to our site and we wish you all the best! We hope that we can be partners on this journey to make sure that all pregnant and parenting teens have a fair and equitable education.

Make the commitment to be the “little help: that makes graduation possible!